Pulse Features

Project Management

Traditional project management tools can be a nightmare. So complex you're spending time managing software instead of getting the job done. 

Pulse is an innovative, flexible Project Management tool. Customize it for your own productivity or for your whole team. 

Any workflow you do as part of your job you can set up in Pulse for a clean, simple view of what's happening in every stage. 


Marketing Automation

Nurture your prospects and customers with personalized emails.
Create your sequence once and run it many times. You get consistency with minimal effort.

Pulse has a clean, easy interface. A quick, easy way to nurture your customers.

Customized Dashboard

Take the pulse of your business with a glance at one page. 

Pick and choose the widgets that help you the most. You'll have instant visibility into the most important information. 

Take the guesswork out your strategy. With your customized dashboard, you can see what's working and what isn't at a glance. 



Find out who's most likely to buy. There's no need to sift through dead-end leads. 
Track all dealings involving the sales, marketing, delivery.

Follow-up in an organized and systematic way. Achieve more sales with fewer hassles.
Pulse makes customer relationships easy to manage.